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Hotshot driving not for everyone

Updated: Oct 1

In most cases direct freight/ hotshots are booked outside of normal business hours. They happen late in the evening and on weekends when there is no other standard transport services available. This makes this type of work difficult on people with family responsibilities. This type of work is not for the feint of heart.

Before embarking on setting your self up as a hotshot driver it's important to assess your availability and life style choices. For example someone that likes to have a beer on the weekend wouldn't be able to do a hotshot to a mine site that evening because there is a strict 0% alcohol tolerance. In a way, Hotshot Driving is like being a Ghostbuster. You have to be available and ready for the call. Once that phone rings, your gearing up and on the move.

The two biggest dangers with this job is Fatigue Management and having a reliable vehicle. One of my fears was being stranded out in the middle no where on a dirt road with no phone reception. And this actually happened to me once out past Injune up in the mountain range. I recall I was on the return trip after delivering parts to a drilling rig at about 2 am and I got a flat tire in the middle of no where. It was very cold, very dark and I was tired. I decided to get a few hours sleep and wait until day light before swapping the tire over for the spare. Not long after I got going again a kangaroo jumped out infront of me damaging part of the front panel.

Hotshot driving isn't for everyone. But it's a hell of a way to see the country and get paid well for doing it. I've been escorted through the pits of coal mines, I've been through major LNG gas projects, through desserts of sand where the road disappears after dark. I've seen all type of wild life roaming free from dingo's, emu's and wild horses. I've pulled up and watched the stars in the middle of no where and our country is absolutely beautiful and amazing.

Hotshot delivery van

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