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How to minimise Transport Costs on Urgent Freight

Updated: Sep 29

Why do you think people pay more for Urgent Freight? Why not pay less and use General Freight? There is no special tricks to make freight deliveries move quicker.

When it comes to Interstate Freight, the only difference between General and Urgent Freight is simple. Urgent Freight sits at the front of the truck. It sounds ridiculous right? It’s not.

The difference between Urgent and General Freight is the priority it’s given. And the question is, which pallet should the transport carrier load if there is only one space left. Transport businesses are smart, so they decided to create two service priorities. Giving customers the choice which freight to give priority to.

It's in the best interests of the Transport Carrier to supply enough trucks to meet the rising and falling demand because if they didn't, they would need to spend much more money on larger facilities for backlog influxes. So, it makes for good business to get the balance right.

if there was half a load left on the depot floor. The Freight Carrier would be far better off holding this freight to make a full load the following day. This is basically how General Freight works so when deciding what service to use, also consider the season trends. Coming off the busy season there will be plenty of truck capacity with declining workloads.

How to minimise Transport Costs on Urgent Freight

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